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Basic Needs

Young people must be well clothed and satiated in order to be fully engaged. Swift fills the basic needs of the youth and teens we serve by providing them with a snack or meal at every program as well as clothing, sleeping bags, and shelter during our residential overnight programs.

Life Skills

In schools, life skills education is often overshadowed by a focus on academic achievement. Swift’s programs incorporate the development of essential life skills such as character-building, leadership training, goal-setting, and teamwork.


Even the simplest of opportunities can support the future success of a young person. Swift aims to provide the young people we serve with an abundance of opportunities that they would not otherwise have available to them such as overnight camp experiences and mentor relationships.

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Help for cause

More than a camp, the Swift Youth Foundation provides year-round mentoring programs that pair inner city youth with college-bound high school students - a powerful alliance that turns both the campers' and counselors' worlds "RIGHT SIDE UP!"

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My most meaningful experience at camp occurred at the ropes course.  We were doing the trust fall and one girl refused.  When I told her that I weighed more than her she decided that she would only do the trust fall if I did it first.  So we both did it and she seemed much more comfortable with all of the girls in the cabin for the rest of the session.
Jessica, Teen Counselor
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